Experience Goetze online. This is the motto under which Goetze presents its new innovations this year at the Valve World from November 27-29 2018.

Besides new products like the safety valves 6420/6450 and 355 in nominal diameter DN80 Goetze KG presents its new Goetze product navigator. With us, only the valve itself remains offline. Due to their purely mechanical design, the medium-controlled safety valves and pressure reducing valves offer users a high degree of safety. Additional sources of error are avoided.

Easier than ever to find the right valve: The Goetze product navigator
In times of the Internet and digital information, the user is permanently surrounded by an almost infinite amount of data. But how does our customer manage to be up to date at all times? In such an environment, we offer interested parties the opportunity to always find the right and important information in the field of valves for industry, building technology, cryogenic and hygienic applications. Hence, we have introduced our Product Navigator so that you can quickly and easily find out which valve is the most suitable for your application. By answering brief, concise questions, we will give you an initial indication of how to find the perfect valve for your application: from tailor-made versions to batch size one. After this initial information, our sales team with its usual expertise and professional competence will assist you in finding the right valve for your application – just like the motto „Individuality for more safety“.

New Goetze products – uncompromisingly different
But we are not only constantly developing in the digital sector. Also our products keep pace with the times and continue to adapt to the market and the needs prevailing there. In addition to new products themselves, extensions to approvals and the expansion of sealing options also play a major role. „They are the entrance ticket to other markets and industries,“ says Detlef Weimann, managing director. For instance, the Hygienic safety valve 4000 was additionally ASME certified and the flanged safety valve 455 was supplemented with a new O-ring soft seal. The seal offers the possibility of working with even more materials and temperatures, thus opening up even more areas of application. The soft seal also offers an even higher tightness close to the set pressure than a metallic seal.In Duesseldorf the safety valves 6420 and 6450 as well as the safety valve 355 with large nominal diameters up to DN 80 will be presented for the first time.

Simply blow off steam if necessary
The safety valves 6420 and 6450 are safety valves for steam applications. The valves made of gunmetal are used to protect pressure vessels, steam boilers and steam systems. With a temperature range from -50 to +205 degrees Celsius and a pressure range from 0.5 to 16 bar, a wide variety of applications in mechanical engineering, pump protection etc. can be realised. As always, Goetze has attached great importance to certification for these valves. They are both TÜV and ASME certified.The valves impress with their wide range of possible applications and easy handling. The use is simple and uncomplicated – basically nothing can be done wrong. This is made possible mainly by the uncomplicated mounting of the valves, as the internal parts can easily be replaced and therefore be adapted to numerous applications.

Large nominal diameters – no problem
The new safety valve 355 made of spheroidal graphite cast iron is suitable for even the largest applications. With nine nominal diameters in the range from DN 15 to DN 80, Goetze is expanding its product portfolio for fire extinguishing technology, industrial and large boiler systems as well as in power plant technology. The spheroidal graphite cast iron safety valve is available in a double gas-tight version with stainless steel bellows as well as with D/G/H approval and elastomer diaphragm.